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When you brake you rely on the tyres to stop you, when you turn you rely on them to grip the road.
When fitting new tyres on your vehicle, Quick Fix Tyre Service in Liverpool considers the tyres that are most suitable for you, depending on how you're going to use it.

Wheel balancing can prolong the life of your tyres and save you time and money in the long-run.
If a wheel is out of balance, it will cause a vibration at highway speeds that can be felt in the steering wheel and/or the seat. This can gradually cause excessive wear and create and uncomfortable ride.


Quick Fix Tyre Garage is one of the leading independent vehicle repair, servicing & MOT testing centres in the Merseyside, Liverpool area. Quick Fix Tyres Liverpool

We are a family run business dedicated to providing excellent workmanship without compromising value for money. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced and professionally trained technicians offer a friendly and courteous service supported by state of the art equipment, ensuring your vehicle is in the best possible hands.

Our facilities include servicing, MOT, brakes, batteries, exhausts, tyres, shock absorbers, suspension and all aspects of mechanical repair to your car’s engine.

Please contact us to book your car in or request further information.

Tyre size calculator

If you are thinking of changing the size of your car tyres, or are planning on buying a Part Worn / new wheel/tyre combination then it is important that you use the tool below to ensure ride height and speedometer ratings don’t change drastically. We would also recommend checking the guidelines set out by your car manufacturer and your car tyre manufacturer.

What is my tyre size?

Your tyre size can be found on the sidewall of our existing tyres and is a series of numbers and letters that looks like the diagram below. When looking for your tyre size it is important to note down the size of both the front and rear tyres as many cars have been designed with two different sizes.



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